2014 Christmas Drone Buying Guide

Everywhere you look this Christmas holiday you’ll see drones for sale. I’ve mentioned previously in my Cyber Monday article that flying drones are likely to be the hottest Christmas gift this year. To help you choose, we have put together a list of popular drones for sale on Amazon.

We also have our 2014 drone buying guide to help guide you through the different features you can expect to find on different drone types. Of course, drone prices vary from the $129 Hubsan X4 to the more professional $1,000+ DJI Phantom 2 Vision. You must therefore know exactly what your budget is and what exactly it is that you wish to use the drone for.

Here are some of our recommended drones for sale this Christmas. They are all on sale!

At Drones Den we also recommend that you check our “Before you buy” section filled with useful articles and insights on the main features to look out for in a drone and why a drone would make the perfect gift this Christmas!

We’ve also kept ourselves busy over the past few days and put together a wonderful Phantom FC40 drone review one of the most popular drones this year. It is currently priced at $449 on Amazon and is pretty much a bargain if you ask me. It comes with an excellent, light and tiny 720p camera attached to a stable drone gimbal. It also gives you the possibility to easily take it out and replace it with your GoPro camera if you have one. However, one of its best features is the FPV direct streaming view to your mobile phone. It also operates on a different WiFi frequency to the GoPro camera which means you can use the GoPro app at the same time. I won’t even go into much detail about all its other features such as GPS and ATTI flight mode. Of course, you can read more in the review!

If you seek anymore advice or have questions regarding drones for sale this Christmas, or simply wish to get in touch with the editorial team, please let us know!