Dronevertising Airborne in Moscow

We have mentioned drone advertising several times previously, including a mention in our 50 things you can do with a drone article. But now, a Russian company has launched its first drone advertising campaign in Moscow, for the Wokker Asian restaurant chain.

drone advertising diagram
This diagram shows how drones can be used to advertise and get the word out for specific brands in a large city

The Hungry Boys company launched a DJI Phantom 2 drone into the skies and took it around the streets of Moscow with an advert for Wokker hanging from the bottom. Their goal was to increase the awareness as much as possible. They also caught the flight on video:


I think it is safe to say that the company has met its goal as we can see from the reactions in the video. Not only people on the streets, but also from offices and taller buildings reacted to the drone flying the Wokker banner around. And of course, the story also went viral, which is how we heard of it!

This is of course the first time any company in Russia has used a drone to advertise its goods, and probably the first restaurant drone advertising campaign worldwide. Drones with camera were very useful in this case as it allowed the recording of the video above, but are not necessarily required for advertising campaigns.

As long as the drone is kept within line of sight, say on a large beach, advertising can become more mainstream, and I am sure it will in the next 2-3 years. The danger of course comes when the drones come crashing down for whatever reason, but that will probably be factored into the price of insurance as well.