GoPro for Sale

There are a wide variety of GoPro for sale, starting from the original version, the GoPro Hero which has now drastically come down in price, to the most lightweight and powerful GoPro Hero 4 Black which is available for $499.

So why are we talking about GoPro cameras on a website with drones for sale? The majority of the DJI Phantom drones for example come with a drone gimbal that allows the easy attachment of a GoPro camera. The disadvantage here is that the extra weight will make it slightly more difficult to coordinate the drone and will also shorten its battery life due to the extra weight. For this reason, our editors have previously recommended the most lightweight GoPro for sale available, which is at the moment the Hero 4 black version!

The DJI Phantom FC40 which we reviewed recently is one such drone that although it comes with its own integrated HD 720p camera, it also lets you attach your own camera. Its flight time with the integrated camera is about 9-10 minutes, but this can come down to 7 minutes due to the extra GoPro camera weight.

Here are a couple of models we recommend to go with your drone:

Websites like Amazon or eBay will have GoPro for sale either new or refurbished. You are likely to find a good deal, especially now with the Christmas sales nearing!