Racing Drones for Sale

The TBS Gemini racing drone is not the only racing drone you can get your hands on. There are in fact a few other racing drones for sale which are definitely worth a look. Not only are these cheaper, but some of them are more durable and even more stable.

The ARRIS FPV 2 is a solid little racing drone with an extremely durable drones for sale picture

It is made of a combination of carbon/ glass fiber and people have been saying that it can withstand numerous crashes without a single dent.

It comes equipped with a 2200 mAh battery that allows a flying time of up to 10-12 minutes.

This drone can be bought from here and is ready to fly for any drone racer!

Please note that you will need to also buy a transmitter and receiver to go with this product. They can also easily be purchased off Amazon.

Next up in our list of drones for sale is the slightly pricier USFPV CF-250 racing quadcopter. This quadcopter is also made of a rugged carbon fiber frame with brushless motors and is FPV ready.

The quad has multiple flight modes which means that both a beginner drone flyer and an expert racer can have fun with this drone.

usfpv cf-250 racing quadcopter for sale
This racing quadcopter comes ready to fly, together with a receiver and transmitter, a charger and battery.

Although none of the these two drones mentioned above are particularly aesthetic pleasing, especially when compared to a DJI Phantom 3, they do the job.

They are cheap, reliable and sturdy. It also means that you won’t be losing a small fortune should the drone fly away or get lost in a lake and become irrecoverable.

As we have shown you, there are plenty of other types of racing drones for sale than the well known TBS Gemini. Try them out and let us know what you think!