Introducing Drone Selfies or Dronies

Drones Den has just launched the first drone picture gallery solely made up of drone selfies. You can now upload your drone selfie, also called dronie straight from your smart phone or tablet and share it with the world on our dedicated page. Simply scroll to the bottom of the dronie page, click Browse then upload the picture from your computer. Make sure to then share your picture on Facebook for your friends to see […]

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Parrot Bebop Drone Review

Ever since we added the bebop drone to our list of drones for sale, our readers have been emailing us asking when the bebop drone review will be live. Although we haven’t received our Bebop drone yet, we still wanted to share our impressions and write a preliminary bebop drone review based on our impression of several friends and other Bebop drone buyers who have already purchased this drone. This should hopefully give you an […]


Top Drones For Sale at CES 2015

Camera drones are the hottest products at CES 2015 this year – multiple companies including DJI, Pleiades and Hexo+ are unveiling their new camera drones for sale in 2015. Some of these have features that should make them smaller, cheaper and easier to use. Ranging from customer to more professional drones used in the film industry, we wanted to feature three of the most promising drones available for sale this year. With the exception of […]


Top 5 Accessories for Your Brand New Drone

So you got your new drone for Christmas and if you’re lucky you will only have crashed it once already. Hopefully you didn’t get fined for nearly injuring the public below, but you’re now wondering what’s next? What accessories can you buy to make you a better pilot, or simply to make the most of your brand new drone? No product is ever released without a ton of accessories you can buy for it. So […]

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Airplane Emergency Exit Drone

Well here’s an idea we hadn’t thought of in our 50 things you can do with a drone list, but Luis on Kickstarter has! We don’t normally feature Kickstarter projects, but this seems like a great idea, with some refinement over the coming years. He is hoping to have these drones for sale by sometime in 2016. The idea is that inside all exit doors on a plane, there would be a ‘dormant’ drone that […]

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Christmas Day Drone Deals

Merry Christmas to all Drones Den readers! I just wanted to write a quick post before heading out highlighting some of the bargain drones for sale on Amazon today. Amazon even sent me an email with some of their drone deals in the drones category, so I thought I’d make a quick list of the drones with the largest discount. DJI Phantom 2 Vision$1,399 (46% off) $759.00. At a massive 46% discount, this drone is […]


Drones for Sale this Christmas

There are four main factors to determine if a multi rotor, also called drone for a simpler term, makes a good and ready to fly present this Christmas. These include the quality, value, ease of use and great features. Our easy to use drone buying guide infographic makes this easy to understand. However, since we all have different tastes and expectations from a drone, only you can choose which drone is best for you. If […]

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X PlusOne – Your 100kph Camera Drone

A new company called Xcraft has created what seems to be a revolutionary new drone that combines stability with speed and the ability to take photos. You can either use a micro camera, or your own GoPro. The X PlusOne can not only achieve great stability, but will also fly faster than you thought possible of a small object. From the test flight video which you can see on their website or below, it appears […]

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The Top 10 Best Selling Drones

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 best selling drones over the past 6 months. Our hope is for this to show you the drones for sale available right now, before Christmas. Imagine if every family would have a drone under the Christmas tree this year – Do you think that would be cool or dangerous? 1. DJI Phantom FC40 The DJI Phantom FC40 is our top drones for sale this month. Our […]


These 2 Mini Drones for Sale are Really Cool

So these mini drones released by Parrot back in September are some of the coolest gadgets you will find under the Christmas tree this year. What am I talking about? First comes the Minidrone Rolling Spider which is a miniature flying object that fits in your palms and can do some unbelievable acrobatics. Check out the video below to see exactly what I mean! If you are already in possession of one of these, you […]