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The number of people looking for drones for sale online has skyrocketed since Christmas. The advent of smart phones and selfie sticks is upon us and every person seems to have found the inner paparazzi in them. The boardroom bigwigs are now couch photographers simply due to the populated megapixels of phone cameras and easy accessibility to professional cameras such as the GoPro Hero range. This opens the world to a whole new realm of unorthodox photo shots and picturesque moments that the text book lens authorities could sneer at. This is the chance to take panoramic views to another level. The ability to take photos and videos at an event out of your reach, or take a view that has never been seen before.

Pilots and photographers would never meet ordinarily but the drones have given this unique coming together a platform, one of stratospheric potential and unknown boundaries. The use of drones has been highly documented of late and with the need for media that is impartial and clear, the marriage of cameras and aerial, locomotive carriers has added a new dimension. Forget the potential proposals through Skype with a drone operated camera capturing every single moment, yet keeping it intimate and sacred.

Take in the ability to enter a warzone or famine stricken areas to cover sensitive issues that would put photographers in danger of a fate similar to Kevin Carter. Now all this can be done from miles away with the use of a drone. You don’t even need to spend thousands of dollars to obtain HD videos and photographs – all this can be achieved with the camera of a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. This can film 1080p videos without anyone even realising it was shot from a moving object. We have the DJI Phantom 2 vision+ available for sale for only $999.

While winning the Pulitzer Prize is a huge honor, the complexities of what Carter went through as he took a photo of a child being preyed upon by a vulture would have been greatly reduced by drone photography or videography. The ability to multitask or capture simultaneous events in sports or historic events has been afforded by drones and cameras. There is no need to capture the presidential speech without taking in the moment of inspiration felt by the audience or the cringe of would be predatory rivals.drone marriage proposal

Pilots have a duty to be licensed and be briefed on protocol of what limits the drones are allowed to touch to ensure this does not become a nightmare. It also keeps the potential pitfalls of ‘power of flying’ falling in the wrong hands and ensures safe practice and professional integrity for the unique merging of talents. The capacity of certain drones is also diversifying with an increase in range, strength, load capacity and now connectivity. The Parrot Bebop now comes with SkyController which not only offers variety of color but also WiFi capabilities. This was probably the idea behind famous actress Zhang Ziyi, of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon fame, accepting a proposal from her husband.

The reviews and accurate information on Drones Den is enough to make us an authority on the drones and camera fusion. With the latest information of which drones suit which functions and the connection with the FAA being required to keep clients posted on whose application was successful and the latest in pilot regulations for drones, Drones Den is the place to be. Discounts and offers can be found and with a huge range of tutorials, regulations and demonstrations, the dream of drones and cameras bringing pilots and photographers together is just a click of a button away. To view our whole range of drones for sale, simply start browsing our drones store today!