The DJI Spreading Wings S900

DJI introduced the Spreading Wings S900 earlier this week, a model that professional photographers have been looking forward to. The S900 is intended to combine the high power features of the S1000, with the portability of the S800.

DJI claims that the S900 features a flight time of 18 minutes with a payload of 6.8kg, using the default 12,000 mAh battery . The S900 can also carry the majority of drone gimbals and cameras and can carry up to a take off weight of 8.2kg. This means that you can fly with almost 5kg of equipment loaded up on the drone (the drone itself weighs 3.3kg). It features a 2.4G HD video downlink and an on-screen display with compatible controllers.

To make the S900 lighter than the S1000, DJI crafted the arms out of carbon fibre. This made the arms lighter, stronger and more stable.

The 3 axis drone gimbal that comes attached ensures that the users can obtain a wide range of shooting angles, combined with an increased stability. The S900 is also compatible with Zenmuse gimbals, renowned for providing smooth footage and decreased vibration for any camera.

It appears that DJI took a lesson from Apple in creating their promotional videos, as you can see below. Take a look at the following S900 video, that has more information about the S900.

Another exciting feature is its portability; the arms and propellers fold down, reducing its size for transport. When you are ready to fly, all you have to do is extent the S900 drone arms, lock them into place and you can be ready to fly in as little as 5 minutes. The drone is priced at $3,800 but surely that’s small change for a professional aerial photographer like you, right?