Drones Den Podcasts – Episode 1

In our first ever Drones Den podcast episode, we introduce the show and set up a plan of what we are going to talk about over the coming weeks and months. We also cover the main points of buying a drone and what the best drones for sale in 2015 are.

Here is an excerpt from our podcast:

Hi everyone and welcome to the first episode. Today’s episode is the first episode of what is going to be a series of podcasts focusing on everything from drone news to articles that we publish on our website. These can vary from news, photos, videos, drone reviews, opinion pieces or any other guides or tutorials helpful to new drone flyers. In time, we’ll also be venturing into compiling some really high quality drone tutorials on taking aerial photos, especially if you are planning to do it professionally.

We will also focus on taking professional drone videos, for example if you are planning to get into drone real estate marketing or to film weddings and other events from the air. Now, there are regulations and legislations that you need to be aware of depending on the country you live in.