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Drones Den Podcasts – Episode 1

In our first ever Drones Den podcast episode, we introduce the show and set up a plan of what we are going to talk about over the coming weeks and months. We also cover the main points of buying a drone and what the best drones for sale in 2015 are. Here is an excerpt from our podcast: Hi everyone and welcome to the first episode. Today’s episode is the first episode of what is going […]

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Aerial Photography

Real Estate Aerial Video Tips

The civilian commercial drone market, including real estate aerial video is forecast to increase fivefold to $5bn by 2024 according to a a Business Insider report; and that’s in the USA alone. Although current regulations limit the number of individuals and companies that can offer commercial drone services, the FAA is slowly granting Section 333 exemption permits to more and more applicants (click here to see a list of the companies that have so far been […]

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Father’s Day Drones for Sale Deals

Father’s Day 2015 is set to fall on the Sunday, 21st June. What better present to get your dad than a brand new drone? We have compiled our list of the three recommended drones for sale that your dad is sure to enjoy this Father’s Day. We have split our recommendations into the best low, medium and high budget drones, together with the best deals available so you don’t have to shop around. Find the best deals […]

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Aerial Photography

The Rule of Thirds in Aerial Photography

The Rule of Thirds is possibly the best known photographic technique. It is designed to ensure that your photo is well balanced and composed of the right elements in the right place. Although traditionally designed for normal photography, applying the rule of thirds to aerial or drone photography will take your photos even further. The rule of thirds is one of our top 10 tips for improving your aerial photography list so it is worth […]

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Colourful Long Exposure Drone Fireworks Photos

Photographer Calder Wilson has attached a number of fireworks to the gimbal of his drone in order to experiment with long exposure shots from a ground camera whilst flying the drone in the air. As a result, he’s produced a large number of pretty stunning visuals, the most impressive of which are shown below: Calder’s experimental photos were taken over a lake, so don’t try this at home or in any populated space.   If […]

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Aerial Photography

10 Surefire Drone Photography Tips

My love for aerial drone photography started with my DJI Phantom FC40, which didn’t have much of a camera, progressing on to the DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal & GoPro to my current DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Later in the article I will also be talking about which drone I recommend and why. Drone Photography Tips 1. Check the weather report One of the easiest steps you can take to improve your aerial photographs is […]

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Drone Hire – List Your Drone Business

Drones Den has launched our in house drone hire listings for commercial companies or individuals approved to offer commercial drone services across the world. Just like drones den has become the one place to come for drones for sale, our drone hire and business listings page is soon to be the Yelp of drone businesses. With over 50,000 unique monthly visitors to the Drones Den homepage, our unique integration with the business listings pages ensures […]

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Racing Drones for Sale

The TBS Gemini racing drone is not the only racing drone you can get your hands on. There are in fact a few other racing drones for sale which are definitely worth a look. Not only are these cheaper, but some of them are more durable and even more stable. The ARRIS FPV 2 is a solid little racing drone with an extremely durable frame. It is made of a combination of carbon/ glass fiber and people […]

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How Can I Travel Abroad With My Drone?

As drones are becoming more popular, the diversity of drones for sale is increasing and more people than ever are posting drone pictures or even selfies on Facebook and Instagram. You may just decide to buy your own drone to take snapshots from angles never before possible or simply to show them who’s the better photographer. I am convinced that over the next 5 years, a drone with an HD Camera such as the DJI […]


DJI Phantom 3 Professional Giveaway – Expired

We are happy to announce that we have now launched our May giveaway with the prize being a brand new DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone with 4K Camera; that’s right, top of the range! Drone giveaway details: The contest is running on Facebook from May 2 to May 28th. We will then pick and announce the winner by the end of the month.   Winner has been announced: James Carney from Indiana – We’ll be in […]